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Often times in business, perception is the most important factor that a business owner can consider. How the customer views you and your business can mean the difference between success and failure for your business and your professional reputation. Your fleet vehicles are an extension of your business and reputation and can give potential customers and clients an impression of you regardless if you are behind the wheel or not. One thing is for certain, no one is impressed by dirty and unkempt vehicles and equipment. Let Over The Top Car Care’s  fleet wash service help you keep your expensive vehicles looking clean and in tip top condition. Our state of the art system is designed to get the optimum amount of cleaning done while using the minimum amount of water to get the job done. Our water conservation system allows us to be extremely environmentally friendly. Our Fleet Wash soaps are easy on paint and are safe for the environment.

Often, when selecting a Fleet Detailing Service, the average business owner gets overwhelmed by the sheer myriad of different companies that all advertise the same service. Actually getting courteous and reliable service is more of a crap shoot than you would think. At Over The Top Car Care Fleet Wash our highly trained and experienced staff will treat your expensive investments with the utmost care and respect. Great attention to detail is paid by our highly motivated staff. We pride ourselves on being thorough and attentive to the most demanding customer’s wishes and special directions. We go to great lengths not to cause damage to your vehicles while they are being washed and always treat them as if they were our own. Due to our higher than average attention to detail we never let a truck leave our sight with a single speck of dirt or grime left on it.


At the end of the day the lasting impression that a clean and kept vehicle can make for your business can make a huge impact, so it’s not worth the risk of conducting business in dirty trucks or Fleet vehicles. When only the finest Fleet Wash Service can be settled for, you can’t afford to trust anyone but the best. Bring your fleet business to Over The Top Car Care today and see for yourself just how over the top we go to keep your equipment and your reputation looking sparkling clean.

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