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Sanitization Services

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In the wake of the Corona-19 virus, we've all learned a bit more about the importance of social distance, washing hands and sanitizing everything from surfaces to groceries!  While we have always been meticulous about cleaning and sanitizing our cars before showcase displays, and auto shows, detailing services have not mandated cleaning between every test drive or sample sit. 

Pleased to announce we're adding this specialty service to our upcoming events and any dealer or rental fleets requiring this enhanced level of care.  We'll be wiping down, safely steaming interiors and access points, and killing germs that may potentially be of harm to the next person inside the car, be that the sales professional, event coordinator, maintenance attendant or the prospective customer.   

We use a high powered Optima Steamer to kill virus on surfaces per CDC and WHO guidelines, paying special attention to eliminating germs on handles, dashboards, steering wheels, gear shifts, seats, etc.


These disinfecting services are in addition to our normal meticulous approach to creating beautiful, display-ready perfection.


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CDC &  WHO guidelines


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