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When it comes to  mobile auto detailing you have to be selective about whom you choose to do the work. Your vehicle is where you spend a lot of your time and is a very special and important thing, especially here in southern California where the public transportation is less than adequate. You should have someone you trust to detail your car and having a good auto detailing service can save you a lot of time and headaches.  With our fast paced Southern California lifestyle we don’t have time to wash our cars ourselves at home or even take the car to a car wash. Mobile Auto Detailing is a critical service if you want to keep your car looking and smelling clean and ready to impress!

                                                 So you know you want your car to be detailed periodically but the question remains:  Which service should you use? One look in the yellow pages or on the internet will yield hundreds of services in many price ranges. We know that the competition is stiff and that’s why here at Over The Top Car Care we go over the top in service, attention to detail, and convenience while charging some of the most competitive rates in Southern California. Why pay a Mobile Auto Detailer who isn’t willing to go “Over The Top” for your business?


Our highly trained and experienced staff comes to your home or business and gets to work fast so you can get cleaned up quick and be on your way. Courteous and delicate attention to detail goes into every car that we service.  At Over The Top Car Care mobile auto detailing we understand that your car is a significant investment and a very important tool for life. That’s why our detail technicians are extremely cautious as not to damage anything inside or outside of your car during the detailing process. Every nook and cranny of the vehicle is scoured and cleaned, washed and waxed for that “off the showroom floor” look that everyone from the high rise executive to the stay home soccer mom can appreciate. Here at Over The Top Car Care we continuously strive to provide the best Mobile Auto Detailing service in Southern California while making every effort we can to use environmentally friendly soaps and chemicals and state of the art water conservation equipment. Call on us for personal detailing needs, those of your company, or for any auto event you might be planing – We guarantee you’ll see the Over The Top difference!


While we do service individuals and dealerships locally in Southern California, schedule allowing, we are a national company, traveling to and meticulously coordinating your auto show events.

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