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Over the Top Car Care provided another stellar BMW display showcase and auto event logistics for the FedExCup in Lake Forest, Illinois late last year.  The 2015 FedExCup is one of many prestigious tournaments of the PGA tour co-sponsored by two of the most trusted leaders in their respective industries, FED EX, When it absolutely, positively has to get there overnight and BMW, The Ultimate Driving Machine.  


The PGA and partners regularly use Over The Top Car Care, one of the most trusted auto event logistics companies in the US.  Over The Top Car Care handles all aspects of auto detailing, display, logistics and onsite care and clean up for event showcases, ensuring impeccable results and an outstanding experience for attendees and prospective vehicle buyers.


Over The Top Car Care is a highly regarded vendor contracted by top auto brands across the US for event management, dealer launches, auto displays and “kid gloves” treatment of vehicles.  BMW, Lexus, Rolls Royce, Mazda, Kia Motors, Chevy, Land Rover, and others consistently trust Over The Top Car Care.


For the best vendor in the auto events industry call  949 309 7252 and speak directly with OTT owner, Dallas Trippy or ask for a quote on your next national auto event.  Drop us a line.

Congratulations to Jordan Spieth on the outstanding 2015 win of the PGA’s FedExCup

With two majors, five TOUR titles and the FedExCup, Jordan Spieth’s 2014-15 campaign may have been the best season by a player aside from Tiger Woods in the last 20 years. Spieth first took the FedExCup title from previous 2014 champion, Billy Horschel.

Congratulations to all leaders throughout the PGA tour.

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